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IBUC 1997 4th International Blaise Users Conference

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proceedings 1997

Automated Paper Documentation of Blaise III Datamodels
Steve Anderson, Social Survey Division, Office for National Statistics , UK

Bascula : Current Status and Future Developments
Jelke Bethlehem, Statistics Netherlands

Advantages and disadvantages of migrating Blaise 2.5-based survey systems to Blaise III
Leif Bochis, Statistics Denmark

New approaches to data processing integration in North Rhine-Westphalian Statistics based on BLAISE III
Markus Broose, Frank Merks, Thomas Pricking, data processing and statistical office of the State of North Rhine Westphalia - Germany

An evaluation of computer-assisted occupation coding : results of a field trial
Diane Bushnell, Office for National Statistics, UK

Le questionnaire d' une enquête en deux phases avec tirage d' un échantillon représentatif
François Clanché, INSEE, France

Interactive coding of economic activity using trigram search in BLAISE III
Omar S. Hardarson, Statistics Iceland

Experiences of Two Capi-Papi -- Comparisons in Finland
Markku Heiskanen, Kirsti Ahlqvist, Statistics Finland

An Office Management System in Blaise III
Merilyn Henden, Fred Wensing, Ken Smith, Mano Georgopoulos Australian Bureau of Statistics

Integrating Surveys with Blaise III
Fred Heuvelmans, Frans Kerssemakers, Jeroen Winkels, Statistics Netherlands

Some Thoughts About a Metadata Management System
Jean-Pierre Kent and Maarten Schuerhoff - Statistics Netherlands

Documenting questionnaires
Jean-Pierre Kent and Leon Willenborg, Statistics Netherlands

Manipula & ManiPlus Usage at the National Agricultural Statistics Service
David Knopf and Roger Schou, National Agricultural Statistics Service, USA

An Object-Oriented Case Management System for CAPI Surveys
Vesa Kuusela, Anssi Parviainen, Statistics Finland

Cati Call Management
Marien Lina, CBS, Nederland

CapiPlus, un système intégré pour la réalisation des enquêtes auprès des ménages
Gilles Luciani, INSEE, France

An integrated household survey in the UK: The Role of Blaise III in an Experimental Development by the Office For National Statistics
Tony Manners and Kirsty Deacon, Social Survey Division, Office for National Statistics, UK

The Transition from Cases and BLAISE 2 to BLAISE III at the National Agricultural Statistics Service
Asa Manning, National Agricultural Statistics Service, USA

SICORE, un outil et une méthode pour le chiffrement automatique à I'INSEE
Eric Meyer et Pascal Rivière, INSEE, France

The Application of Blaise III to the Israel Labour Force Survey
Edith Noy and Gad Nathan, Central Bureau of Statistics, Jerusalem, Israel

Making Blaise 2.5 Do Things It Was Never Meant to Do
James M. O' Reilly, Research Triangle Institute, USA

Optimal Screen Design in Blaise
Mark Pierzchala, Westat, Inc., USA