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IBUC 2003 8th International Blaise Users Conference

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8th International Blaise Users Conference Papers Complete Volume
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proceedings 2003

Blaise Survey Generator
Carlo J.C. Vreugde, Jacques J.M.J. de Groot, Christiaan van 't Hoft, VNG, SGBO, StimulansZ, of the Netherlands

Blaise Questionnaire Text Editor (Qtxt)
Grayson Mitchell, Statistics New Zealand

Automatic Upgrade of Production Blaise Instruments
Lilia Filippenko Joseph Nofziger & Gilbert Rodriguez, RTI International

Screen Layout Standards at Statistics Finland
Vesa Kuusela, Survey Research Unit, Statistics Finland

Developing and updating screen layout and design standards
Rebecca Gatward, Social Survey division, Office for National Statistics

Developing an optimal screen layout for CAI
Fred Wensing, Jane Barresi and David Finlay, Australian Bureau of Statistics

Screen Design Guidelines for Blaise Instruments
Sue Ellen Hansen & Karl Dinkelmann, Survey Research Center, University of Michigan

Methodological guidelines for Blaise web surveys
Jelke Bethlehem, Statistics Netherlands & Adriaan Hoogendoorn, Free University, Amsterdam

The usage of Blaise in an integrated application for the Births Sample Survey in CATI mode
Massimiliano Degortes & Stefania Macchia, Manuela Murgia, ISTAT, Rome

Blaise at Statistics Netherlands
Marien Lina, Statistics Netherlands

Displaying Chinese Characters In Blaise
Gina-Qian Cheung & Youhong Liu, Institute for Social Research, University of Michigan

Analyzing Audit Trails in the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH)
Michael Anthony Penne & Jeanne Snodgrass, RTI International & Peggy Barker, SAMHSA

A Random Walk Application for Blaise Instruments
Gilbert Rodriguez & Jay R. Levinsohn, RTI International

First steps along the Audit Trail
Tim Burrell, Office for National Statistics

Creating Code to Convert Blaise to ASCII for SAS Input (Using the Blaise API within Visual Basic)
Roger Schou, National Agricultural Statistics Service, USA

Extracting data from a large instrument using the API
Lois Steinfeldt, ARS, USDA

The "Multiple Application Interface" with Blaise and Visual Basic
Jim Hagerman & Hemant Kannan, The University of Michigan

Electronic Data Reporter
G.W. de Bolster, Statistics Netherlands

Integration of CAPI and CATI infrastructures at Statistics Canada
Jacqueline Mayda & Pamela Ford, Statistics Canada

Blaise CATI at Mathematica
Leonard Hart & Linda Bandeh, Mathematica Policy Research, USA

Cati Survey Management System
Leif Bochis, Statistics Denmark

Interactive training for the interviewers
Hilde Degerdal, Statistics Norway

Blaise for Post-collection Data Editing
Pavle Kozjek, Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia (SORS)

The melting pot - practical experience of scanning paper forms
Marianne Troelsen & Lars Pedersen, Statistics Denmark

Lessons learned on the development of the Unified Enterprise Survey
Rock Lemay, Statistics Canada

The American Time Use Survey Data Collection Instrument
David Altvater, William Dyer, Christian Borillo, Roberto Picha, United States Bureau of the Census

Using non-Latin alphabets in Blaise
Rob Groeneveld, Statistics Netherlands

Automated Dialing - What will it do for you?
Dan J. Bernard, Marketing Systems Group

Developing CASI standards at Statistics Netherlands
Frans Kerssemakers, Statistics Netherlands