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IBUC 2004 9th International Blaise Users Conference

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Management of cases and interviewer assignments

Using Blaise for Coding Listing Instruments
Malcolm Robert Wallace, Technologies Management Office, Census Bureau

Utilisation de Blaise dans la répartition automatique des fiches adresse entre enquêteurs des enquêtes ménages
Georges Bourdallé, I.N.S.E.E (FRANCE)

Contact History Instrument (CHI)
William E. Dyer, Jr., U.S. Census Bureau

Michigan CATI Sample Management System (SMS) -- Blaise CATI Enhanced
Jim Hagerman & Karl Dinkelmann, Survey Research Center, University of Michigan

Application development--tools and techniques

The Progamma Library of Blaise Routines
Dirk Sikkel, Sixtat, The Netherlands

Understanding the Blaise Selective Checking Mechanism and the Appropriate Use of KEEP Statements
Pamela Ford, Statistics Canada

Instrument assembly, documentation and release
Fred Wensing, Australian Bureau of Statistics

Using Arabic in Blaise
Shani Abel / Shifra Har, Central Bureau of Statistics, Israel

Automatic code and code generation

Codification automatique en ligne
HUMBERT Stéphane, INSEE, France

Blaise Instrument Design for Automated Food Coding
Ellen Anderson and Lois Steinfeldt, United States Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service, Beltsville Human Nutrition Research Center, Food Surveys Research Group

Generating Blaise with Blaise
Gerrit de Bolster, Statistics Netherlands

CodeBuilder2--An Initial Coding Tool
Michael D. A. Egan, Operations Research and Development Division (ORDD),Statistics Canada

Instrument validation and survey integration

Generic System Interface Instrument
Curtis Ziesing

Randomly Generating Interviews to Validate a Complex Survey
Lindsay Walton, National Research Bureau, Auckland, New Zealand

Moving from 43 Generated Unique Instruments to One National Instrument
Roger Schou, National Agricultural Statistics Service, USA

Integration of UK government household surveys: Development of a modular Blaise instrument for a proposed Continuous Population Survey
Robert Bumpstead, Office for National Statistics, UK

Audit trail analysis

Replaying Blaise Audit Trail Files for Data Verification
Jason Langfahl, Survey Research Organization Technical Services Group, Institute for Social Research, University of Michigan

Replaying ADK Files for Testing Blaise Applications
Jason Ostergren and Rhonda Ash, Health and Retirement Study, Institute for Social Research, University of Michigan

Blaise AT Report System
Youhong Liu, Eduardo Galvan, Gina Cheung Institute for Social Research University of Michigan

Poster Sessions

Converting Translated Blaise System Texts To A New Version
Rob Groeneveld, Statistics Netherlands

Automatic Customization of Datasets Using Cameleon
Barbara S. Bibb & R.. Suresh, RTI International

Organisation using Blaise

Error Reporting and User Interfaces for Post-collection Data Editing
Pavle Kozjek, Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia (SORS)

The new German Microcensus starting in 2005, organisational and technological aspects, the use of Blaise
Holger Hagenguth, Federal Statistical Office, Germany

Multi-mode survey

Instrument Design for a Blaise Multimode Web, CATI, and Paper Survey
Mark Pierzchala, Debra Wright, Claire Wilson, and Paul Guerino, Mathematica Policy Research, Inc.

System Implementation for a Blaise Multimode Web, CATI and Paper Survey
Leonard Hart, Amanda Foster-Sardenberg, Yuki Okada /Leonard Hart, Mathematica Policy Research, Inc.

Mode effects and maintenance of data quality in a CAPI/CATI survey
Tim Burrell, Office For National Statistics,

Using CAWI in Household Surveys: Findings from Official German Statistics
ANKE GERHARDT, Dr. Thomas Pricking, Statistical Office of North-Rhine-Westphalia & BIRGIT KUCHLER, Carola Kühnen, Anette Stuckemeier, Federal Statistical Office Germany

Blaise and the Internet

Some Ideas On Securing And Processing A Blaise IS Survey
Rob Groeneveld, Statistics Netherlands

Exploring the Capabilities of Blaise IS
Jim O'Reilly, Westat

Developing the On-line Milk Production Survey using Blaise IS
John O' Connor, Central Statistics Office, Ireland

Documentation tools

Programming Guidelines for Good Data Documentation
Sue Ellen Hansen, University of Michigan

Blaise Documentation System
Peter Sparks and Youhong Liu, University of Michigan

An evaluation of Delta, a documentation tool
Rebecca Gatward, Office for National Statistics, UK.

New directions

Recording Interview Sound Bites Through Blaise Instruments
M. Rita Thissen and Gilbert Rodriguez, RTI International

Deploying Blaise to Tablet PCs for Mobile Use
David Hill, Senior Systems Analyst, Westat, USA